Advantages and results of a Team-Radar survey

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Advantages Obvious team results
1. Team analysis: the Team-Radar identifies strengths and weaknesses of a teams collaboration on two levels: tasks and relationships
  • objectives: clear and commonly accepted goals
  • communication: reliable agreements
  • ability to critizise: constructive and honest appreciation
  • high motivation
  • customer orientation: responsibility for customer interests
  • competences: different roles and competences complete each other
  • collaboration: support and help within the team
  • results: clear common criterias for success
  • standards: rules and defined process
  • leadership: clear expectations and visions
  • trust: openess and confidence
  • improvements: ability and flexibility to improve and change
2. The Team-Radar® supports team, team leader and team trainer to develop:
  • How good is our team?
    Rate your own team performance and identify performance lacks.

  • How can we improve our team's quality and collaboration?
    Improve your team's problemsolving skills and share responsibility for change and optimaziation.

  • How can we improve performance and results of our team?
    Check your team's customer- and result orientation to identify necessary improvements.

  • What are individual contributions for mire team success?
    We develop individual transfer objectives. That's how ability and responsibility for real change is linked to team members.

  • What kind of prevention effect the Team-Radar does have?
    The Team-Radar calculates unity of a team to each team criteria. That's how different expectations, definitions and experiences could be discussed before conflicts arise. So, common values and a team culture are able to improve.

  • How can I prove the success of a team training in long-run?
    By repeating the Team-Radar survey the system compares the results of the second with the first survey. Only the Team-Radar is able to take evidence of your teams efforts.

Recommendations of satisfied customers
"100 % realisation of our team objectives. The team training has been well planned and took care of individual issues as well. Thanks a lot." - Jochen Fuchs - Manager

"Because of the sensitive but consequent facilitation of Mr. Senninger we could easily work on our strengths. Mr Senninger always pushed when necessary."- Dominik Schmidt - team member

"A high professional, well prepared trainer, who was able to get response by our team members through his calm and factual behaviour. The training fitted to our individual needs. The whole team ended up the training with high motivation and confidence." - Michael Klug - manager

"I always felt safe and secure, my personality is accepted and acknowledged." Michael Pfeiffer - team member

"Focused on team personalities and team objectives, supporting every individual that way that we could speak honestly." Folke Sievers - Manager

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