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Train-the-Trainer Seminar Team-Radar® License.
The Team-Radar License is for external or internal (corporate) team trainers to initiate, administer, evaluate and comment Team-Radar surveys.
The results lead to performance improvement team workshops.
Licensed trainer have online access to the Team-Radar administration.
target groups:
  • human resource, internal trainer, managers, coaches
  • external trainer
You may choose different modules regarding your trainer experience:

a) Train-the-Trainer for junior trainers
Seminar of 7 modules (13 days). Team-Radar Licence


  • group dynamic, working conditions, different kind of team structures
  • manage change and resistance
  • group leadership
  • mediate conflicts
  • clarification of objectives
  • communication within the team
  • Team-Radar survey, administration and evaluation
  • training conception
  • online tutoring
b) License for experienced trainers

(1) introduction in philosophy and technical functions (1/2 day)
(2) case study
(3) Supervision and license (1/2 day)

user fee
Starting a Team-Radar survey causes a user fee. You may initiate two surveys per team so you may compare results of two different surveys.
We may arrange dates for licensing individually at our offices in Munich and Reutlingen. Group arrangements possible:
Info Telefon:
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Just give us a call: We give advice how to use the Team-Radar within your company.

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