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The Team-Radar® is an online survey to measure your teams quality and performance. Comparing two Team-Radar surveys you may evaluate your team development efforts.
What is the Team-Radar? Viewing results

The Team-Radar® measures performance strengths and weaknesses on a task and relationship level.
There are 48 questions investigating the twelve key performance indicators of a successful team:

Tasks ("What") Relationships ("How")
objectives motivation
customer orientation communication
team leadership critizism
competences trust
results collaboration
focus on future rules and standards

You may fill out the survey either German or English. Therefore international and virtual teams gain from the Team-Radar survey.

  1. All questions belong to one of twelve key indicators of a high performance team. The survey measures which key indicators should be developed.
  2. There are two levels for success: task orientation and relationship. The Team-Radar identifies team issues on both levels.
  3. The average of each question indicates how all team members rate their collaboration. This is an indication for needs for development. i.e. if the "clarity of goals" has an average of 40% you might discuss this issue within the team
  4. Variance of all answers shows unity/disunity in the team. In case of low unity terms and definitions have to be clearified or results show a real team issue.

The survey offers grafics and comments to the current team situation.
EXAMPLE Team-Radar report 


Grafikbeispiel der Teamanylse
How to register?
  1. Register your team at .
  2. Your TeamCoach invites all of your team members with individual access codes.
  3. All team data is strictly confidential. Anonymity.
  4. All team members answer 48 questions on a scale from 0 to 100%.
  5. Your TeamCoach comments the results and gives recommendation for team development. Team and team leader work together to improve results and create new solutions.
    Your TeamCoach facilitates your team within a teamworkshop based on your surveys results. Every team workshop ends in developing individual and team objectives to improve the team situation.
  6. The Team works on reaching and performing improvements.
  7. The change (differences and improvements in average and unity) are evaluated by a second Team-Radar survey. The results of the second questionnaire are compared with those values of the first.
    EXAMPLE Team-Radar evaluation report