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We guarantee anonymity and confidentiality:

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 anonymity and confidetiality:  data security

We guarantee anonymity and confidentiality.
No other team member is able to read your personal data or ratings. Also team leaders are not able to read personal or individual ratings.

The Team-Radar survey calculates average and variance of all team answers. To guarantee anonymity we publish results not before at least 80% of all team members filled out the survey. There will be no evaluation in case of a lower team contribution.
All team members get the same information.

visibility of the survey process:
All team members may see, who has registered with which email address and who already completed the survey. No one is able to read someone else's results but your own.

personal access codes:
All team members and the team leader get individual success codes by the system. Everyone is able to change username and/or password and/or your personal email address individually. In case a team member wants to get system emails to a private email account and not via company email account it is able to change this setting.

Team leaders / managers have the same rights as team members and are asked to contribute to the team survey. It is an essential conclusion whether the team leader under- or over estimates his/her teams performance.

All data is transfered encrypted in security mode.
We run a GeoTrust certificate on our https-Server. Thats the current highest standard for 128-bit-encryption.

Our data is kept on a commercial provider (1&1 – Schlund und Partner).

 data safety  abuse:

personal data:
We ask for a minimum of personal data to guarantee the Team-Radar functions. We do not publish personal or company data.

Every User is able to delete his/her account. After deletion a contribution to the survey is no longer possible.

We highly recommend to logout after using the Team-Radar and to close the browser window. So no personal data can remain in your computers cache.

Individual ratings are registered in our data base. Every individual user is able to read and print his/her data. Printed results have to be treated confidentially. We can not guarantee anonymity for printed results.

access codes:
Please treat your personal access codes confidentially. In case you fear that others abuses your personal login codes, please contact us immediately:  

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